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Automation flow builder for UPS

Drag & drop automation flow builder

Up to 10X faster than custom development (engineering)

Pre-built automations and outstanding support

Generate PDFs, XSLX, CSVs and custom emails or reports

dynamic insight - integration flow builder

Welcome the automated company

dynamic insight allows you to integrate and automate processes with UPS and 80 additional data integrations including major CRMs, ERPs, Business Intelligence (BI) tools, databases, file systems, analytics platforms, and finance and reporting tools. Thus, we provide an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) as well as a workflow and process automation drag & drop flow builder.

This allows you to save up to 10x time of development work and decreases maintenance. In just a few minutes, you can use our powerful low-code flow builder to connect to any system or API. Serving enterprise clients, we provide full GDPR (DSGVO) compliance and German based data centers.

Popular UPS automation actions:


  • Pickup Creation ✓ - This Action allow to schedule an UPS Pickup.
  • Cancel Shipment ✓
  • Tracking ✓ - Return the tracking information of the indicated tracking number
  • Rate Shipment ✓ - The Rating Package RESTul API is used when rating a shipment.
  • Shipping ✓ - Used to create new UPS shipments.
  • Time In Transit ✓ - Determines the length of time required to ship a particular package, and compare delivery times for various UPS services.


  • Schedule trigger ✓
  • On create / update tirgger ✓
  • Manual trigger ✓
  • Webhook tirgger ✓
  • Trigger by other automation ✓

UPS integrations:

Note: We can create new connections in under 48 hours. Please raise a support ticket here stating the connector, action and your use-case.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I integrate and automate UPS?

First, you need to get in touch with us to sign up for a dynamic insight account. Next, you go to the settings section, where you can authenticate and configure the UPS integration, among many others.

My app, tool or system is not listed as an integration above - how can I integrate it?

We can integrate most modern apps, tools or systems in under 48 hours upon request. Old fashined systems and interfaces can take more time. Please contact us for details using the contact form.

What is dynamicInsight?

dynamic insight empowers businesses to automate all processes, connect all systems and build company-wide dashboards. This allows you to save cost, while dashboarding provides you with an integrated view of your entire business.

More technically, dynamic insight provides Automation, API Integration. ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), data warehouse and dashboarding functionality - all in one software! Additionally, we provide consulting services to ensure success. Our platform is hosted in Germany (Frankfurt) and fully GDPR compliant (DSGVO).